Google employees and Amnesty International protest against search engine Dragonfly

Google Employees are now taking a totally new step for protesting against the controversial project by the company, Dragonfly. This project was known to be designed for the market in China which would be helping the government of the country to track any searches by the users.

Over 200 employees who are working for Google, mostly the software engineers, got paired up with the company named Amnesty International on Tuesday. They sent a letter to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, demanding the project’s cancellation. Google hasn’t yet said a lot about this project, but it is said that Dragonfly will be allowing the people of China, access to the search engine’s censored version. The queries in the search engine will be possible by use of individual’s phone number, which will give the China government, a full access to user data and tracking searches.

In this letter, the employees have written that they do not oppose China; in fact, the opposition is a lot towards these technologies that aid the powerful entities oppressing vulnerable users, irrespective of their geographical location.

Amnesty International along with a few employees of Google protested at a number of Google offices all over the world. This included Google offices situated in London, Toronto, Berlin and San Francisco. The organization actually thinks that Google must fight for internet services which cater information which is freely accessible for all.

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