Milwaukee man recovering from rare polio-like virus

A rare disease just like polio is affecting a lot of people around the country, in fact there are a total of 6 cases in Wisconsin. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of November 2018, there have been 116 confirmed cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) across 31 states in the US. Studies on the disease started since 2014 though the CDC, thus, not much conclusive information is available.

Crisp Live spoke with Bridget and Adam Sporrie in the month of October. Adam Sporrie is known to be slowly recovering from the illness, he started suffering from AFM in the month of August. Sporrie’s body paralyzed from the waist up, so breathing and talking were really difficult in the starting. His wife Bridget, who is always by his bedside, says every day brings new hope.

“In the month of November, Adam started regaining some motion in his left arm, he is now able to stand and walk in therapy without even his neck brace,” told Sporrie.

CDC thinks of the illness as rare and they say that it affects the nervous system. Out of the 116 cases, over 90% percent of them are known to be children. Sporrie told that it is really hard for them to deal with this kind of illness as Adam is an adult, but it has surely connected them with a number of parents who are going through few of the same things.

“You actually can’t get a better group for support than the parents who are there on the AFM Facebook Group. They, they’re truly angels, and any type of problem that we have, we can go right onto the boards. Share what actually we’re going through and say ‘Is this symptom normal?’ ” says Sporrie.

Sporrie told that there is no set recovery time that can be promised for AFM, and while his actual strength is returning, the couple is looking to have more answers. But unfortunately there has not been a lot of research and she says it really needs to change.

“AFM is very rare but that does not really mean that you should not know what to look for,” says Sporrie.

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