Two new products affected by blood pressure drug recall


A recall that was traced to the widely-used blood pressure medication valsartan has now expanded to 2 products that are absolutely new, which are known to be produced by a drugmaker that was previously affected.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued the recall this week for the combination pills that are produced by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The products which were recalled include amlodipine/valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide pills and amlodipine/valsartan pills.

Similar valsartan products which are produced by Mylan Pharmaceuticals were also recalled last week. A more extensive drug recall that contained valsartan affected a lot of companies and medicines in the month of July and August, including Teva.

The recall is actually been linked to an impurity which is known as NDEA and is present in the drugs. As per the FDA, the compound “has actually been classified as a possible human carcinogen.”

NDEA is mainly used as a stabilizer in gasoline as well as some other fuels.

The FDA now advises patients who are currently in possession of these medications to continue consuming them until they can get any kind of advice from a pharmacist or doctor on taking any other alternative drug.

“The risk of harm to the health of a patient may be a lot higher if the treatment is stopped suddenly without any other alternative treatment,” the FDA says.

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