MacBook Pro: Now With 8-Core Chips & a New Butterfly Keyboard Fix

Hello Fellas! There is very good news for those who are fond of Macbook series. Recently people thought it is rumour that macbook has launched its new model. But fortunately this news is right.

Recently on May 21, 2019 apple has launched its new and fresh model macbook pro model along with brilliant features for which people die. So now waiting is over with happy launching of this device. The dream device has back with some changes which is good for device lovers.

There are brilliant of things which this device is known for some of them are its unbreakable configuration which is 13 and 15- inch size. However macbook has not come with external changes instead it has worked more on internal features.

But there is improvement that is for sure. The company has used very latest and finest intel processors which introduces 8 core option for the 15 inch Macbook pro (this is first time in the history of macbook). So this 15 inched models are using 6 or 8 or 9th core generation chips.

The main highlight about this new model is its keyboard which has introduced butterfly keyboard and it is doing pretty well. There is 4TB SSD storage available in the 15th inch machine. Whereas 13th inch machine supports a 2TB SSD.

Whereas if you see the new models give four thunderbolt 3/ USB- C ports. While the design is same smaller, lighter design and thinner since it came into existence. They are offering silver or space gray colour which is indeed good.

There are more advantages of having macbook such as it has wide force touch trackpad to offer, a third generation butterfly keyboard, a touch bar, and no light – up rear apple logo. So those who have been waiting since long there wait was worth with such functions.

As they are getting a very smart device with full of quality and they can make their life little bit easy by having Macbook and utilise their precious time along with good devices. Go and garb this model as soon as possible because Macbook never waits for anyone instead people have to do.

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