Facebook Biometric lock Feature for Messenger Coming Soon

Few days ago there were rumors that facebook is working on new features for its Messenger app. Its was Biometric lock to add extra security to your personal messages.

This Facebook Messenger Biometric lock feature was first discovered by Jane Wong reverse engineering specialist form Hong Kong.

First she thought that the feature will be default built-in biometric technology in your phone, which mean despite scanning your face Facebook will in fact not get a daily shot of your face.

But Now Alexandru Voica (Facebook’s tech comms manager) conformed that the facebook gonna use default biometric security the device offers. Face ID for iPhone or Fingerprint sensor for Android smartphones.

This is most waited and useful feature  to avoid leakage of your personal messages, You can easily hide messages and you dont need third party applications. Last year Whatsapp also introduced Android fingerprint lock to add additional security to your personal messages.

This feature is currently in development and we don’t know when it will be available for beta users.

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