Meet the Samsung Bots: Your Companions of the Future

One of the best innovative gadgets of 2019 is BOT CARE ROBOT by SAMSUNG.

In the current world, the revolution of robots has started and it serves for many purposes. Most of the technically advanced companies are now motivated towards robotics. There are so many kinds of robots like Human service robot, robot education, drones, robot toy, care robot, mobile video robot, Robopet, Household robot, Humanoid robots which are nowadays attract the people.

Samsung move towards with declare its first progression of robots, home robots, retail robots and mobility support at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019. Every time, Samsung concentrate in launching of user friendly products to the customer. This could be one of the reasons for the company’s success.

Features of Bot Care Robot

It is a robot designed to seek medical support at residential place. It has a monitor which helps to display emotions of the robots as well as the complete information about the health conditions of an owner. Under the display, it marks the exist measurements of the person with the help of Sensor which is in-built in Bot Care Robot. From Samsung Point of view, Artificial Intelligence is outfitted with one metre high robot which helps to learn or gather information’s related to health conditions of an owner. The senior vice president and head of the Artificial Intelligence, Mr.Gary Lee discloses the Samsung’s new product “BOT CARE ROBOT” during Samsung news discussion at CES international in Las vegas.

It roll along with a pair of wheels and animated flashing eyes when it happens to witness a human sufferer. It also provides ideas for doing exercises and suggests being fit. Most of the time it pays attention in reading the stress level of the user and helps to minimize it.

It is designed in a way to check

  1. Whether the person is doing fitness exercises properly in home ,
  2. Whether they feel relief through music theraphy,
  3. Whether the person is following proper prescription given by the Doctor,
  4. Checking the sleeping time of an individual.

If there is any contradictions to above mentioned parameters, then the doctor will be cautioned.

Samsung also launched another robot to cleanse air superiority and it is named as BOT AIR. It is actually an air display which helps to get rid of pollution from an individual’s home.

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