Elementor Acquires Layers WP

Elementor is one of the leading wordpress page builder and which have more than a million active installations. Elementor which has acquired layers WP which is a famous word press site builder and here you can get all theme solution for business through online.

The CO founders of layers are David and Marc Perel. Layers are a famous wordpress theme brand which was launched in 2014 by WordPress veterans David and Marc Perel.

There are many beautiful themes and they had experienced success over these years. In the year 2015 layers has won lot of attention and they were attracted towards product hunt they have been accumulated over 3,75,000 downloads worldwide.

David and Marc Perel are two creative entrepreneurs and they have made more groundwork to introduce layers which was the biggest project to the company.

For designing a wordpress website, layers are one of the initiatives and easy to use there are many unique features which has been designed to build the layers themes.

Layers theme collection is now free and it is fully compatible with Elementor

Over these past years both the entrepreneurs have drilled down the layers themes and has finally tuned so that they have been worked as smoothly and as possible with Elementor and additionally all the layer themes are now available for free in the layers site, which is very comfortable for the users.

Still in 2019 the users struggle with bulky themes so in order to solve this solution Elementor has recognized the thought and has taken effort and hard work in the layers project and they have been keeping this project alive.

Elementor has contributed in the wordpress community by introducing several other plug-in like Activity log and one click accessibility and these projects for 100 percentages made for the community.

Here all the themes in the layers are used free and which is available to download in the layers site it is very easy to add these themes to the word press respiratory and which has been made easier for the user to install.

Features of layersWP

The most outstanding feature is the layers themes are more advanced, customizer panel and they offer easy to use tools and it is quickly customized.

The users are very much satisfied by using these tools. They offer tools like a header, footer and block page etc… And layers have introduced a fantastic set of features which is contributed to a great deal to Elementor word press users.

The users gets full support for a period of 2 months after that time period the support is fully handled by layers user community and they will be more compatible with Elementor and WordPress.

So now the users can take more advantage of Elementor and can also get discounts while upgrading this program.

Users using these themes are more satisfied since, they are more comfortable with the features and they are also free to use. Maximum flexibility is provided by the founders of Elementor to the users.

Credits: Elementor Blog

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