Latest Honor Brand 4 running edition fitness tracker Live on Amazon India

So there is good news for you because Honor has just announced that they are going to launch their running edition activity tracker and this is now available on at Amazon which is just going to embark on 25th February.

Honor is complimenting Huawei because it is sub- brand of Huawei and they are going to open their closeout by noon at 12 PM. So this honor watch magic has so much to give you such as fitness tracking function and advocate for notifications as well as seek out my phone feature which is new for such technology world and very rare to find out such function.

The best part about this gadget is that it is available at very reasonable price just at Rs, 1,599. There is variety in colors such as Lava Red and Green color choices. This edition will be sold out through

Features Honor Band 4 

Honor Band 4 has so many functions such as wrist mode, foot mode. It is says that it is better in foot than wrist. There is a fact about honor brand 4 in the downside areas it works better and it misidentified as ankle bracelets offered to convict on the house arrest.

It has 0.5 inch OLED screen inch is the best if you are looking such a small device and high technology. It is available with Honor brand running edition with a 6- axis sensor which proposes developed running detection by amplituding cadence, ground contact time, step length, foot strike pattern, landing image. Also you will not have to be worried about 77mAh battery which you can use for long term and it has also 5ATM water resistant. If you also worry about reminder feature then get happy because it has all. It will give you reminder and all about important notification and much more.

If you are going to buy it you should because it is now available at reasonable price and it is giving you so many functions with such a comfort. You can carry this watch anywhere you would like to.

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