Astra Starter Templates v3.0 is Now Live : Hundreds of Templates, Millions of Possibilities!

Astra Starter templates is a library of ready-made pages and site templates that were crafted by highly professional designers which will help you to create a professional & converting website for your business.

These templates were highly optimized, It will surely increase your website conversations. Astra’s Starter Templates are already used by millions of users, if you aren’t using check it right now.

Three amazing changes they introduced in this Latest Astra Starter Templates 3.0 Update which improves the user experience of building websites,

Now they have revamped the template library interference with a modern look with help of react.js framework which is lightning-fast, now you can search templates for client’s business in real-time, also you can filter website designs according to popular categories like eCommerce supported, e-Learning sites, restaurant business, etc.

Branding is very much important for any business to increase its reputation. With this update Starter Templates 3.0 provides powerful options to customize your brand logo, color, and typography.

Finally, they have optimized their Website Builder to import websites faster. Also, they provide suggestions to resolve server limitation problems.

Astra Starter Templates are the easiest way to start your business website it suits for any type of business. You can customize Astra templates to suit your needs and design.

with this Starter Templates 3.0 update they have made your website design workflow easier & faster. In upcoming updates they are working hard to make Astra Starter Templates as your favorite tool to build professional websites faster and easily.

Source: Astra.

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