Latest WordPress 5.8 Tatum Released with Amazing New Features & Bug Fixes

WordPress 5.8 which is scheduled for a general release on 20th July 2021, is the monstrous release of the year, Now available to everyone. Although its beta version is already available for users, the final version is supposed to come with a wide variety of new features, improvements, as well as bug fixes.

WordPress 5.8 aims to offer an entirely new way of creating websites by introducing the first features that fall under their broader project, which is known as the “Full Site Editing” project.

Other than the full site editing, WP 5.8 is also expected to bring along lots of enhancements as well as changes on various aspects of the CMS. Users of WP who do not use the plugin from Gutenberg will be able to access features as well as improvements that have been taken from all the 9 Gutenberg releases.

So, gear yourself up, as we will take a short look through some of the new features that are expected the come with the new WordPress 5.8 release!

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WordPress 5.8 Block Updates

Users will get access to various new block types in WordPress 5.8, including the query loop, tagline, site title, and page lists. In the query loop block, you will find several layouts that you can use for posts. It comes along with the new matching block patterns as well!

Additionally, a panel called the list view has been added, which offers help to users to navigate through the complex patterns and blocks. In the duotone block, you will find many different image effects.

Usability Improvements

The latest WordPress 5.8 version offers quite a few great improvements in the usability of block-related features. This includes the permanent toolbar on the nested blocks, which comes with a button that lets you select a parent. If you are hovering somewhere on the page, you will find that entire blocks are outlined in order to keep a track of exactly where you are at.

Block handles will also appear when using the select view, which enables you to use the drag and drop functionality. You will also notice an improvement in the flow when making reusable blocks, as well as have a support bar for revision history.

Support for the Webp Image Feature

A new feature that is being offered in WordPress 5.8 for the very first time is the function to upload WebP pictures in the media library, similar to the way one usually uploads a JPEG or a PNG picture. A WebP image is usually quite smaller in size when compared to all other image types, and is also supported in every modern browser.

Final Word

The features that are supposed to be made available with the WordPress 5.8 release are quite promising, and if carried out properly the WordPress 5.8 version will be quite an improvement to the other WordPress versions. Keep the above features in mind and make sure to check them out when released!

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