OnePlus TV series may launch on September 26

Welcome good news. Those who had been waiting One Plus Tv series to be launched. Their wait is over now as on September 26 they are going to launch it. As recently One plus Tv was spotted on Bluetooth SIG. as there were so many rumours and claim regarding this news. But now all ends by getting confirmed. The Chinese company also about to launch their new set of TVs in many countries such as united states, china and India.

Now here one question arises in the minds of people who are still unaware of this news. Well this one is going to be very different from other smart tvs. As company is planning to launch to make it a home hub device and this function would allow all the users for integrating it with other smart devices.

As the speculation can be done here that the role of One Plus will be bigger here I would say. It will make more comfortable for getting acquainted with One plus Tv. One plus would also depend on LCD panel rather than an OLED panel. This could be even more positioned as a more affordable alternative to the premium smart Tvs from Samsung, Sony and LG. now jumping to the price of this new launching device.

According to speculation that should be under budget so that people can do both access and afford. Although it has always kept these things in mind before anyone could complaint. So one could get around 40, 000 to 50, 000. So as it is giving just at the right price with so many features. Now as it is offering such a awesome deal so it is obvious there will be competition between xiaomi Mi Tv and one plus.

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