Real-life Mario Kart races coming to Denver in 2019

DENVER — Fans of a famous video game will be able to participate in its real-life version soon in Denver. “Mushroom Rally” is going to help the participants to take part in a race around a track as their favorite Mario Kart character.

The organizers from Britain call this event as“an absolutely unique experience which combines your favourite characters, your friends as well as new friends for a kind of driving experience which is bound to take you back in time.”

Races in Denver will be taking place between Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 14 in the year 2019. The location of this race has still not been revealed.

Tickets are presently on sale for $55 plus fees.

Denver is known to be one of 16 U.S. cities in which these races will take place.

After every city hosts its own races, 20 people will be participating in a final tournament which will be held in Las Vegas. Their trip to the Sin City will be completely paid for, as per the event’s website. Participants will be qualifying for the Las Vegas event by having the quickest lap time in their city, collecting the most number of stars (the top three nationwide will be going to Las Vegas) or by winning a lottery into which each person who will be purchasing a ticket is entered.

Costume rental is also included in the ticket cost.

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