Samsung is about to launch 8K QLED TVs in almost 60 countries on March 2019

Samsung is all set to release QLED 8K TVs in six sizes ranging from the base from 55 inches to 98 inches for this comprehensive market. Samsung’s 8K QLED TVs were launched on its home turf, the US, Europe and Russia in late 2018.

But now 19th march it is all set to launch in more 60 countries.  This Tvs has really so beautiful model with good looking appearance. This company has also launched this one in the South Korea, the US, Europe and Russia last year. But now South Korea is all set to launch 8K QLED this march. You do not need to worry about quality thing that it would provide you best quality comparing it to previous version and other models.

QELD is going to give you an image resolution four times more picturesque than its 4K Counterparts. It will also have an artificial Intelligence functions enabled by ‘Quantum Processor 8k’.

This artificial Intelligence will automatically would amend the sound corresponding to the scene. It will also give a high- quality contents and games that too with high resolution.

In total this will provide you videos at best quality and sound which would soothe your ears it means this is taking care for giving you the best.  Earlier also Samsung has given the best when it comes to product like TVs it has launched 85 inch artificial intelligence – powered 8k TV and along with it has also launched 146 inch 4K modular Micro LED TV called ‘The Wall’.

So Samsung has set to give you best and it has always given you best and it has always tried to deliver even more best.

This model has been prepared especially by keeping every need into concern and only then they got set to launch it. It has very attractive model and perfect size along with perfect quality of picture and sound so it has everything which you might be looking for in a TVs so this is absolutely a must buy TV product if you are looking for it.

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