SiteGround Introduced QUIC to Make Sites Fast Even When the Internet is Slow

Websites can run fast using QUIC

We would like to inform that Coron Island in the Philippines is one of the beautiful places in the world. However, the worst thing is the internet connection speed. It is very slow and takes much more time to load the websites. Many of them prefer to access the websites quickly and take preventive measures to optimize their website both on application and server levels. However, the happiest news is SiteGround has updated QUIC on the servers and now, the Internet speed is fast at Coron.

Even if you have a poor internet connection, QUIC instantly increases the site loading time. It’s a start-up and a core base for Internet Protocol (HTTP/3 – Next Generation). Also, one among the hosting company and provide hot speed technology for all of our customers.

Evolution of Internet Protocol:

The initial version was HTTP 1.0 and it is still under use. HTTP/2 was evolved and able to resolve multiple issues by increasing the speed limit. QUIC or HTTP/3 was officially released by Google and informed that this new protocol provides better security and performance.

QUIC Advantages:

The most important advantage of using QUIC is that it can instantly increase the internet connection speed or performance and able to load the website even if it is connected to slow networks.

Initially, we had a problem named HOLB – Head of Line Blocking, which means all the request will be sent one by one in separate TCP connections. If anything failed then the web page will not be loaded. To overcome this issue, HTTP/2 was introduced for Multiplexing Support. The webpages are loaded faster. However, all the requests are forward via Single TCP connection and again when an internet connection is slow then the whole site is not loaded.

QUIC has been introduced and solved the problem by sending different requests with independent connection for all the requests. Even if one request fails, it will not impact the webpage loading.

How to get QUIC for your website:

There is no exception and the new technologies should be offered to all the users. All shared servers were already updated with QUIC and the Cloud Servers will receive the updates shortly. It is not required for any changes from your end to update QUIC on your site. There are only two requirements:

Private TLS/SSL Certificate for Website:

HTTPS connection is required for QUIC to work and also SSL should be installed on your website. You can use SSL Interface for free SSL Encrypt certificate.

Google Chrome or Opera:

As of now, QUIC is supported only through Opera and Google Chrome browsers. Other web browsers will work under HTTP/2 protocol.

We are happy to inform that the above provided information helps you to better understand what is QUIC and the usage, and supported browsers for fast internet access.

credits: SITEGROUND.

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