Skype will soon live-caption video calls

Skype will soon be getting live subtitles and captioning for helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The news follows an announcement that was made earlier which said that PowerPoint will also be getting real-time subtitles and captions, and both of these features will tend to rely on the artificial intelligence work of the company. The Skype option for turning on the subtitles will be available by pressing the “more,” or (+), button while you are on a call. This can also be set as a default.

Live captions as well as subtitles will be auto-scrolling during a call, although, the users will get an option to scroll through the captions in a side window if they do not wish to see words being overlaid on their call. The subtitles and captions will be available from Skype version 8 on Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and Skype for Windows 10, although the rollout may take a bit of time. The company also said that it is planning to roll out translations for over 20 languages, but that will be happening in the “coming weeks.”

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