WordPress 5.9 [Josephine] Launched: Checkout Top Features

WordPress 5.9 Beta was published a few days ago, and the official release date is Now Available. With a plethora of new features and updates, it will be the most important arrival of 2022. We’ve been monitoring and analyzing new elements on our test sites.

Through this blog, we’ll offer you a quick overview of everything that’s new in WordPress 5.9 including highlights and screen captures.

Top Features of WordPress 5.9

Full-site Editing

WordPress 5.9 will keep on expanding on the various site-altering highlights that were previously presented in WordPress 5.8 back at the start of this year.

This forthcoming delivery is going to add much more new elements to the site-altering experience of users. The new elements would present to you the interface in simpler terms to alter your WordPress topic with no requirement of any code so that you can make a distinct site with a special handcraft.

Global Styles Interface

All new WordPress 5.9 introduces the futuristic initiative by providing a completely new graphic interface that will let the users make customization of the style presets according to their websites both at the block level or globally even without the requirement of writing codes.

This mechanism of Global Styles will predominantly reorient the conventional methods of customization of the neat look of your own websites. The customizer gets replaced by the interface provided by the Global Styles.

New Site-wide Blocks

The default new site-wide block theme, which is also known as the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, comes along with WordPress 5.9, the pioneer default block theme that can be used as a reference theme to follow.

Block themes are used at a high level for creating the templates which enable you to configure the structure and layout of the entire site. This completely new form of template and template parts are also specifically defined in HTML. 

Lazy Loading Images in WordPress 5.9

The WordPress 5.9 comes with an improved developer to customize the behavior by fine-tuning specifically any images or iframes to lazy-loaded or not.

WordPress now has been developed to skip the very primary command that comes first on the page when an image needs to be lazily loaded, namely content image or iframe. This command here actually refers to any iframe or image which is available within the content of any random post in the loop.

New Default Theme 2022

Twenty Twenty Two, the very new default theme of WordPress 5.9 comes with some profoundly concrete design choices oriented around a basic central theme. The illustrations of birds are beautifully complemented with an exquisite array of various patterns and numerous combinations.

The theme is currently being developed until it’s finally time to be merged into the core system. The expectations are quite high as this theme will let the users have their own theme.


We sincerely hope that this blog has provided you with all the necessary information you ought to have regarding WordPress 5.9.

With all the new exquisite features, using WordPress 5.9 would give you a totally different feel and insight. Do tell us about all those features that you found intriguing and would love to see even more in the later updates. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us down below in the comment section.

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