WordPress iOS App Now Gets Offline Features

Wordpress iOS is one of the greatest app here you can edit blog posts and even you can write the blog post which you like in mobile. But you will find little bit difficult when you are away from internet connection which will be a great risk to copy the contents.

Here you can even start a new post during the time when you are in offline and you can edit and even add the post as soon you get the internet access. It would be very annoying if you write the blog post during the time of metro services.

You take only few seconds to save a draft which would be very helpful if you lose the connection in the intermediate session country gaining the access is very tough process.

This all problems has been fixed and updated in the recent version  and all the problems can be solved you can easily list your blog posts with the single screen and the setting is also very different and easier to use.

The app has been updated in an attractive way with full of improvements and the settings is also very easy to use.

In the updated version you can even edit or write the new blog posts even when you are during the time of offline. And you can easily connect when you get the internet mode.

The post of reviews will always be in the hidden mode you can easily view with anytime on the screen and also the status will be displayed on the top of the screen which will be very helpful for you to view.

This wordpress iOS setup has been listed with many different editions and it is very supportive to use. And in this updated version bunch of block editing improvements has been perfectly done without any bumps out. And here you can easily tap out empty editor area and it has the capacity of automatically creating a new paragraph and it will be added to the post title.

source:  9to5mac , AllThingsHow

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