Verizon sold Tumblr to WordPress, Automattic Inc.

There is a big news that WordPress purchased Tumblr. Tumblr is one of the popular blog website and there are so many websites but this one is great. Tumblr has given so many people great and big opportunities.

But as per news it is going down over the years. But now this news has come that wordpress is going to buy Tumblr, the owner of the popular online-publishing tool, for an undisclosed amount.

Many are wondering why this is happening? It is happening because tumblr has kept its door open for pornography contents. So even child can access that! so there is nothing like privacy thing. All can have access to those contents. This is not good for children at least when they find these things they can divert their ways.

This went into effect on December 17th, this happened when child using algorithms to flag and delete any such content.  If you are using tumblr you will find everything there from photos to videos and they show everything boldly.  All the photos and Gif’s explicitly represent private parts of human body.

Tumblr has even exception such as breastfeeding, birth or health and surgery. Although if you were looking for any such platform as an adult to write your heart out, then this was an honest one! But things have been ruined here and everything is just getting worse here.

That is why they are selling it to WordPress and from now Wordpress is going to handle it. Although since tumblr got launched it always welcomed new ideas and every culture! There are millions of name who got popularity because of this stage. This has changed lives of so many lives.

Tumblr has even earned a lot from here both money and name. but it has always given opportunity to people to make account on this and write or share whatever you want. You can even read so many works here. This is why accessing pornography is so easy here.

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