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WPX Hosting Coupon Code & WPX Hosting Promo Codes 2020 – With the advancements in technology, globalization of businesses and widespread of the WWW (world wide web) all and every organization want their business online.

Hosting, one of the major steps in website development, makes this possible. There are numerous hosting services, the one that I prefer over any other is WPX hosting.

Simply because of its affordability, value for money, security, compatibility and easy to use services. Choosing the correct hosting is always the key to a stable and secure website.

WPX Hosting Review 2020


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WPX Hosting Most Trusted WordPress Hosting 2020

WPX Facebook Customer Reviews 2020

Wpx Hosting Facebook Reviews

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WPX Hosting vs WP Engine, Hostgator & MediaTemple

Wpx Hosting Vs Top Hosting Like Wp Engine,Hostgator,Mediatemple

With its unique features of WPX Hosting, we get what we want. From its wide array of features, let’s throw some light upon some of its major ones.

Fastest Loading speed

The clients today have become very impatient. With some of the other content always available, they don’t prefer waiting or stopping for an anything.

And in a lot of circumstances, timing becomes a key factor. With a wide array of content, the website may tend to lag sometimes. One doesn’t want that for the business.

Hence, a faster loading time for your website is key, irrespective of the content. WPX hosting provides the fastest loading time among all other website hosting services. Its faster loading speed has made it a customer favourite.

Free WordPress Website Migration Service

Wpx Hosting Provides Free Site Migrations

For one’s who have based their website on WordPress and finding it difficult to move to a different more faster host WPX provides such services.

While on one hand other website may charge you a bomb for the conversion, WPX Wordpress migration service comes in free of cost.

Once you chose to make the switch,  the WPX team will get in touch with you, provide them with your existing credentials of your hosting and they will make the change in less than a day’s time.

This is one of the greatest advantages of WPX hosting.

Daily Wordpress Website Backup

Having a business online is always a risk. One never knows when, the website could get hacked or there is any sort of loss of code. For such situations, it is critical to have a daily backup of all your websites data.

WPX hosting provides daily backup making it more secure for you and your team. Its new Manual Backup Tool lets you access last 28 days of backups at any given point of time.

WPX also helps in retrieving data, one just needs to contact them and ask for the specific backup. However, it is always a plus to keep your own backups locally.

Easy Dashboard Management

It is very important for a developer to have an accessible dashboard. With more and more functionalities coming in and data becoming heavier, it becomes difficult to manage ones dashboard.

However, WPX has a simple and quick dashboard which makes it easy for developers to work on. All the options are segregated in order, starting from service details to backups, it is formatted in a much cleaner way.

The sub-options for every option is also formatted in a neat manner. WPX dashboard is by far one of the best dashboard in hosting panel.

24/7/365 Fastest Ever Live Chat Support Any Time

A crisis may arise at any point of time. Late at night or on a vacation day. WPX team never takes a vacation. Their 24*7 and 365 days fast support service ensures their presence at any given point of time.

They have a help line number devoted to helping their customers. Their custom search bar also includes a lot of pre answered questions that the WPX Hosting team believes would arise while using the software.

Personally, the customer service executives are also friendly and will work their way out through your problem/ crisis.

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

SSL certification or secure sockets layers is a certification that declares your website as secure. With SSL certification the website becomes less prone to damages, hacks and loss of data by providing an encrypted link between the host and the browser.

While other hosting services would ask attach a certain monetary compensation, WPX on the other hand provides Unlimited free SSL certificates. It is a big plus for individuals who design websites for companies and other organizations.

An SSL certification is a sign of security to which a lot of online companies trust. The feature comes in very handy and possess a lot of advantages.

Free DDoS Protection & Daily Malware Scan

Wpx Hosting Provides Free Malware Removal

It seems like WPX is a firm adherent of security. Apart from SSL certification providing a DDoS protection is an offer no developer can refuse.

There are various ways your website can be hacked or attacked, one of which being the DDoS attack. The DDoS (denial of Service) attack does not allow the host to connect to the internet this disrupting the reach to its user.

A protection against DDOS is necessary. Malware attacks are also something that cannot be visible but may slowly develop into a critical security threat. WPX provides both DDoS and Malware protection which makes it the website more secure to use.

Best Uptime Guaranteed

Having the best uptime is key to running a secure website. It totally depends on how much of an uptime a host can provide. WPX guarantees the best uptime.

In a study it was found that WPX’s uptime was almost 40% faster than other major hosting service providers in the market. This feature really makes WPX the king when it comes to timing and sets it apart from other competition.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the services, you get your money back. WPX provides as much as 30 days for users to understand, interpret and use the services. It guarantees to return your money if it doesn’t meet its promises.

Many other website hosting service providers would shy away but here we clearly see a devotion of WPX to serve its customer better.

30 days are an ample amount of time to really grasp the software, find bugs and really know if it is better than your previous host. Hence, looking at this offer users are less hesitant to test WPX.

Free WPX cloud CDN service

With each plan you choose, WPX offers certain cloud storage. This can come in very handy for backups and quick response time of the websites.

WPX’s cloud is a content delivery network (CDN) in itself. Hence, your website works more smoothly and responds quicker when it comes to loading time in other areas except from yours.

In an internal test taken by WPX, it is being proven that your website’s worldwide loading speed can increase from 50% to up to 320% depending on the kind of website.

A free WPX cloud network is like having a small server besides you. One of the best features provided by WPX, making it the primary reason for using WPX over others.

WPX Hosting Plans 2020 & WPX Hosting Sale 2020

Wpx Hosting Plan Features

For all these exciting feature there is a sum attached. WPX has providing three different plans, each distinctive from the other.

WPXHosting Business plan

  • Monthly Payment: $24.99/MO (Yearly $300)
  • One Time Yearly Payment: $250/Yr Only

Wpx Hosting Business Plan

Costing $225 for the first year (saving the price of 3 months). In this category you get 5 websites to host, 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. The offer is quite intriguing.  For individuals who manages small websites and works independently, the plan really speak to them.

WPX Hosting Professional Plan ⭐

  • Monthly Payment: $49.99/MO (Yearly $600)
  • One Time Yearly Payment: $500/Yr Only

Wpx Hosting Professional Plan

Costing at $450 for the first year (saving the price of 3 months). The category offers 15 website hosting, 20 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth.

A medium sized organization who handles few clients on a daily basis would be interested in the plan.

Whoever, I believe the storage to website hosting ration is something that can be a little problematic. With 15 websites, one might require more than 20 GB of space.

WPXHosting Elite Plan

  • Monthly Payment: $99/MO (Yearly $1188)
  • One Time Yearly Payment: $999/Yr Only

Wpx Hosting Elite Plan

The final plan, costing at $891 (saving the price of 3 months). Its offers include 35 website hosting, 40 GB of storage and infinite bandwidth.

There are certain offers that come in free all the above mentioned plans starting from Free cloud storage to unlimited site migration, unlimited SSL’s, staging area, 28 days automatic backup, malware scan, 1 click WordPress installation and more.

Activate WPX Hosting Promo Codes 2020

With all its services and value for money schemes, WPX is the way to go. Some of its unique offers including free migration, free SSL certification and 30 day money back guarantee really pulls developers towards it.

The plans are Best Fit to the requirement of individuals and businesses. Its loading time and timings are very competitive and prove to be one of the fastest compared to other hosting sites.

WPX can always be chosen as one of the best options for daily hosting. I would recommend you to give WPX a good try. Not many hosting sites live up to the expectation and their claims.

However it is very different for WPX, during its service it has proven all of its claims and has hundreds of positive reactions from users, which really helps while deciding a host for your website. Go with the best in the market. Choose WPX & Save money with WPX Hosting Promo Codes 2020. Happy developing!

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