YouTube is making all of its original programming free to view


YouTube has made an announcement that it is planning to make all of its original programming free to view, which includes programming like the sci-fi shows Originand Impulse, Karate Kid sequel Cobra Kai and Step Up: High Water. Earlier, the shows were only accessible over the YouTube Premium (previously known as YouTube Red) for a monthly subscription.

“As we go ahead and look to 2019, we will be continue investing in scripted programming and shift for making our YouTube Originals ad supported in order to meet the growing demand of a worldwide fanbase,” a YouTube rep told in a statement. “This next phase of our strategy for originals will be expanding the audience of our YouTube Original creators, and proving the advertisers with great content which is able to reach the YouTube generation.”

As per YouTube, all of its original movies as well as shows will be available to watch ad-supported from the year 2020, although some of the original productions – like the upcoming Cobra Kai season two – will be remaining behind the paywall until that time.

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