SpaceX founder Elon Musk will not smoke weed in public again: NASA chief

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has told that founder of SpaceX Elon Musk will not be smoking weed in public again, the media said.

Speaking about Musk’s marijuana consumption in “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast in the month of September, the NASA chief said ‘that was not actually an appropriate behaviour’ and people would never be seeing that again, The Atlantic reported on Thursday.

Bridenstine told that he has spoken with Musk recently that he does not want NASA contractors to be engaged in any kind of questionable behaviour.

“We’ve had quite a few conversations,” he told.

“NASA is going to conduct a cultural assessment study in accordance with our commercial partners to make sure that the companies meet the requirements of NASA for workplace safety, which includes the adherence to an environment that is drug-free,” the agency noted in a statement.

On Thursday, Bridenstine told that he had personally ordered the reviews.

In 2014, NASA gave both Boeing and SpaceX combined $6.8 bn for developing launch systems which are capable of transporting the astronauts of the agency to and from the ISS.

Last week NASA made an announcement which said that the very first uncrewed test by SpaceX is probably scheduled for January 7, but Bridenstine told on Thursday that the date might change.

Crewed test flights are known to begin next summer but that timeline is also expected to change, the report said.

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